2019 Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, Glass MFA
   2019 Pilchuck Glass School,Seattle-Session 1
   2018 Pilchuck Glass School,Seattle-Session 5
   2017 Shih Chien University,Taiwan, Architecture Design BA

   2017 Kun’s Crystal Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
   2016 Factory zoomer, Kanazawa, Japan
   2015 Xiaoman Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

   2019 Corning Incorporated Award
   2020 Corning Partner Scholarship

   2019 Dear Glass
   co-exhibition with zhen zhen
   Shongshan culture park, Taipei, Taiwan
   2019 The Memorial Art Gallery, Fine Craft Show, Rochester, NY

   2019 Collaboration work “Glassography”
   colletced by the Rakow Research Library & Pilchuck Library