Selected Works
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     As an artist and researcher, my practice explores ideas surrounding the erotic through glass-working processes, video, photography, and installation. Inspired by Audre Lorde’s essay, Uses of the Erotic, I take that which I have been taught to be ashamed of as an ongoing source of inspiration. My practice questions traditional definitions of identity by paralleling glass properties to ideas surrounding gender and sexual fluidity. By utilizing the allure of light and notions of voyeurism, my work explores that both identity and materials have the potential to be queer. Utilizing the concept of fluidity both in life and art practice and by pulling from personal experience, my work aims to permeate the strict binarisms of sexual and racial politics.
         我是一名藝術家與研究者,畢業於實踐大學建築設計系與美國羅徹斯特理工大學玻璃研究所,作品透過玻璃、影片、攝影與裝置來探索情慾流動的概念。受到Audre Lorde 的文章 “情慾之為用:情慾的力量”的啟發,我將那些曾經被教導要感到羞恥的轉換為靈感來源並質疑傳統價值的性別二元論。我的創作方式以材料研究為主軸,利用玻璃在高溫時的半透明性、柔軟性、熾熱感、與流體狀態來描寫我對酷兒身份的認同與情慾流動等主題。